Acupuncture in Tucson, AZ

Della Estrada, L.Ac.

I started my acupuncture practice in 1991, shortly after returning from Beijing. I knew I would utilize all the personal moments of guidance and wisdom I had received from my teachers. But I also wondered if I would represent them well, and what kinds of critiques they would offer as I moved forward.

Now, all these many years later, I still wonder the same. But I believe they would be pleased, and I know that in this amazing medicine, the lessons and the learning are never ending, and ever fascinating, and thus we all continue to grow.

My work experience is quite varied. I’ve worked on babies as well as on 90 year olds. I’ve worked on people of a variety of cultures, social stratas, different interests, some very familiar with acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and some with no familiarity at all, some very eager to have the experience, and some apprehensive. I treat a wide assortment of ills; internal, external, head to toe, ear to ear, shoulder to shoulder, front to back, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, unilateral, bilateral. Have I forgotten anything?

My genuine interest in a patient’s story, and in the history of the issue that has brought them to me is actually a vitally important factor in helping me determine how I will proceed with that individual’s treatment. In the process of my asking a wide variety of questions, a gradual assessment is being made which then leads to determining the patterns of imbalance, and the treatment route that will be initiated.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is a complete health care system. It is not a make believe sideline occasional therapy, and it should not be looked upon as a last hope. It should be looked upon as “preventative health care” first. Also, if a pain or health concern arises, one should not wait… and wait, before finally going for acupuncture. An acute situation can quickly be tended to, but a chronic situation generally takes much longer to work with.

I invite you to visit the website: The Chinese Medicine Sampler which was developed by my dear friend Joe Balensi (deceased). The website was created as a service to the lay person who is curious and wants to gain some understanding of Chinese medicine. It is full of information that can answer and explain a great deal.