Relief From Bell’s Palsy Symptoms

I woke up one morning with one side of my face droopy and feeling paralyzed. I went to the doctor, but truth was that I was very curious about the possibility of acupuncture being able to help.
I had read an article once about someone who had been treated for Bell’s Palsy. A colleague gave me Della’s phone number.

Help With Fertility

Two of my friends had been going to Della for acupuncture to help them with fertility issues. They were both athletic as was I. I had actually had a miscarriage the month before I decided I’d start going for acupuncture.
I was worried it would happen again or that maybe I would never get pregnant again. A month later

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Relief From a Nervous Condition

For many years, I have occasionally received acupuncture treatments from Della with generally positive effect. ┬áBut I was not prepared for the dramatic demonstration of acupuncture’s power until this year.
In recent months, I have suffered from a nervous condition that has baffled neurologists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other health providers.
Della and her needles came to

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Improved Healing Process

I found out I needed a major surgery. I had already been receiving acupuncture for general health, and continued with it to support my immune system and to promote a speedy recovery and healing from the surgery. All went smoothly, there were no complications, and the healing process was amazingly rapid.

~ Jane, RN

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